COVID-19 Response



Introduction of the organization:

Unnayan Sangha (US) is a non-government, non-profitable, and non-political organization established in 1980 with a view of helping poor people. US has two different committees like- General Committee and Executive Committee. It has been working within the 77 Upazilas in 10 districts under Dhaka, Mymensingh, Rajshahi and Rangpur divisions. The Vision of the organization is “A society, based on equality, fairness and good governance, which can ensure sustainable development and people’s empowerment” and the mission is “To organize more exploited people for their socio-economic development through implementing different development activities”. Unnayan Sangha works in two different approaches – group-based development and community-based development. Presently it has 26 project offices and 1026 regular staff and volunteers are working with the organization. US has an effective and good relationship with local administration, line departments, local government, and NGOs. The annual budget of US is about BDT- 210 million.

Programmatic interventions in response to COVID-19

  • US has organized with the support of UNICEF Bangladesh on awareness-raising about handwashing and social distance maintaining activity through miking at the community level on COVID-19 cooperation of local government department health and family planning department. We have completed miking at 68 unions out of 68 unions of Jamalpur district. Nearly 20 00,000 people covered under this activity.
  •  US arranged 3672 demonstrations on handwashing at the ward level with the participation of LGI and health and family planning officials at the community level. In the session, CHVs are demonstrated how to use soap and what time hand washing need for them and its benefits. A total of 55680 people were present in these sessions especially pregnant and adolescents groups of the community.
  •  The project is taken measures on personnel s safety for its staff and Community Volunteers through provide masks and gloves. Total of 658 personnel received safety materials (each person received 5 masks and a pair of gloves)
  • US distributed 12000 soaps for poor pregnant and lactating mothers in Jamalpur district. During the distribution of local govt. representatives, health and family planning officials and social elites were present as a guest to open the distribution activities
  • Unnayan Sangha raised awareness on food, nutrition seeds and  care of cultivation through mobile messaging with the pregnant, lactating and farmers
  • Unnayan Sangha distributed food, non food and health hygiene  materials among  105000 poor households

Future outlook and recommendations:


  • People are more aware about COVID-19 and maintaining personal hygiene
  • Awareness sessions at school level on COVID-19 should be continued
  • Mask distribution at community level should be continued
  • SafetyNet program under the government should Increase
  • Employment opportunity should be created
  • Coordination and collaboration should be strengthened
  • Engagement of the NGOs in response and related works should be ensured