COVID-19 Response


Introduction of the organisation

 Unnayan Sangha (US) is a non-governmental, non-political and not for profit organization working since 1980 to improve socioeconomic conditions of the disadvantaged group of the people. It has been working in 10 different districts. As part of development works Unnayan Sangha has taken some activities to prevent COVID-19 which is creating unbearable situation worldwide. 

Programmatic interventions in response to COVID-19

Unnayan Sangha has been implementing different activities on COVID-19 from 18 March’2020. By this time the organization has distributed 30000 posters/leaflets, 5000 masks, 5000 soaps and organized more than 2000 demonstration on hand washing, arranged small group meeting with about 5 lakh households and 270 sex workers at Jamalpur brothel in Jamalpur and Sherpur districts for consciousness development and for making them regular in practicing hand wash, cleanliness households surroundings and use of masks. The activities are continuing more or less maintaining precautionary measures by the staff and volunteers. It is mentioned that a portion of the people do not follow directives of the government and WHO. They are creating more or less mass gathering. Many of the day labors like rickshaw poolers, van drivers, mason, garment and other factory workers lost their job due to COVID-19 spread out. All of the

m are in problems to get food and other items for their daily life. The local administration, local government and little number of NGOs are providing relief which is not enough to cover all vulnerable HHs.

Motivate UP bodies and distribution of leaflet:

Conducted discussion on COVID-19 pandemic with 68 Union Parishads (UP) among members, Chairmen, UP secretaries and village polices. In those sessions, we have discussed How to spread, what to do, social distancing, quarantine and emergency health services by through the use of mobile phone. UP bodies have been motivating community peoples on COVID-19 prepardness.


Small Group Discussion:

As COVID-19 situation, CHVs conducted small group discussion (maintaining social distance) with the women, adolescent girls and boys on COVID- 19 how to spread and precautious message,     Intake nutritional foods, restricted movement, hand washing, mask using, home and environment cleanliness and safe delivery. Total conducted session 1248 with covered 12130 peoples.


Future outlook and recommendations

Presently Unnayan Sangha is taking preparation to provide support with soaps, masks, hand sanitizers and food package (rice, lentils, salt, potato and soya bin oil) for 5000 households in Jamalpur and Sherpur districts. At the same time the organization has been communicating different donors/sources for supporting more 15000 HHs those who are jobless and suffering from crisis relating food and other necessary items for their livelihoods. It has also plan to do something with the community people of whole area of Mymensingh division. It is assumed that the poverty can be increased, corruptions can be created a painful situation and dependency might be made people worthless. Considering this assumption, Unnayan Sangha thinks that the support for WASH, women empowerment, youth’s engagement in different income generating activities, child protection related works and employment generation should be undertaken after coming back normal situation from COVID-19 crisis.


US in Brief

Unnayan Sangha (US) is a non-government, non-profitable and non-political organization established in 1980 by some of the enthusiastic and benevolent persons of Jamalpur and Sherpur district with a view to help poor people of the area. For running the organization smoothly two different committees are functioning well. The general committee of the organization consisted of 21 members in whom 8 are female and in the executive committee 3 are female out of 7 members.

The head office of the organization is situated in Jamalpur District town. It has been working within the 12 Upazilas of Jamalpur and Sherpur District. The working area has been expanded in other 5 districts in greater Mymensingh and Sirajgonj to work for the “Children in Jail”.

 The Vision of the organization is “The vision of the organization is “A society, based on equality, fairness and good governance, which   can ensure sustainable development and people’s empowerment” and the mission is “to  organize more exploited people for their socio-economic development implementing different development activities. Unnayan Sangha works in two different approach like- group based development and community-based development.

 The activities of Unnayan Sangha are- a) Savinds Management Program, b) Maternal Neonatal and Child Survival (MNCS), c) Chars Livelihoods Program (CLP)-2, d) Strengthening Household Abilities to Respond to Development Opportunities (SHOUHARDO) II Program, e) Child protection: Juvenile Justice Program (JJP), f) Human rights, g) Environmental sanitation, Digester management and climate change mitigation h) Training, i) Good governance, j) Bangladesh Local Procurement Pilot (BLPP) project, k) Maternal Neonatal Health (MNH) initiative, l) Maternal Young Child Nutrition Security Initiative (MYCNSI) and m) Children and Women Rights and Advocacy (CWRA).  .

 To improve the status of agriculture sector and observing the situation of agricultural sectors, loan realization and use of credit money, presently US provided cropping loan for the poor and marginal farmers in simple and relaxed pay back system. It helped them to cultivate crops and to get expected benefits. The loan also given for maize culture and that helped for the sustainable development in agriculture.

 For the well implementation of the development activities and for ensuring good governance and human rights especially children and women rights, the organization has gained a good partnership and networking with different national and international organization including donors, like- UKAid, DFID, USAID, AUSAid, Chemoncs International Inc., Unicef Bangladesh, Manusher Janno Foundation, UCEP bangladesh etc.

 Unnayan Sangha has a good relationship with different government department especially health & family planning, Fisheries & livestock, agriculture, social services and the local administration. In the implementation of the activities, local government helped us by providing logistic and other supports.

 We welcome suggestions, recommendations from any of the individuals or organizations for the overall development of Unnayan Sangha.